C. Rice words for the day:  M...I...N...N...E...S...O...T...A!  MINNESOTA! MINNESOTA! YAAAAAAAAAAY GOPHERS! (part of their actual fight song)

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Souls of Mischief - Panic Struck (2014)

Who is Carl Rice?  Just the most awesome guy in the entire universe!  Actually, he's just a guy in a place doin some things.



Ambiguous?  Well, check out the site and see for yourself!



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This website is decicated to my family, for if my Pops sperm never met my Moms egg and she didn't push me out of her vagina, none of this would be possible and the world would not have experienced the glory that is C. Rice.  And for my sister and brother for showing me that greatness comes in threes.  And to my grandma, who isn't here physically here but is always with me in spirit.